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Support and Service What makes us different

Service Operations

The cornerstone of Critical Rental Solutions is our Service Operations Group. Our 15-member technical service team is highly trained, skilled and dedicated to designing, building, and maintain our growing fleet of over 500 assets. Supporting high speed rotating equipment demands a deep level of competence across many facets. The past 30 years have afforded CRS the experiences necessary to deliver a premier level of support and flexibility in any sized temporary compressed air systems. From our facility to any spot on the globe, our service team and equipment are at the ready to support critical operations and ensure the uptime of your enterprise; day or night.


Our five-acre facility is located in Houston Texas with over 70,000 square feet of enclosed space. Our in-house design and fabrication team builds and maintains our entire fleet of equipment ranging from 5 to 9,000 HP. From a standard industrial blower skid to a fully customized high pressure air-cooled centrifugal compressor, our team thrives on building the most robust temporary compression equipment in the marketplace.

In mid-2020 the facility was upgraded with a high capacity test stand complete with an 8MM BTU closed loop cooling system and power capacity of 1,200 AMP @ 480V and 600 AMP @ 4160V. This new addition add the capability to perform a mechanical and performance run test for the vast majority of our equipment – before it leaves the door.

Field Support

Our field support service team is composed of factory trained technicians, many of which have decades of experience in this field. We travel to any location to provide on-site services for installation, commissioning, and the maintenance of all equipment in our fleet. Our team is equipped with the latest troubleshooting and maintenance tools and no one knows our equipment better. For critical processed, we can include wireless remote monitoring on all rotating equipment as a tool for predictive maintenance and analytics to keep the equipment operating reliably and efficiently.