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Oil Free Air Rental Solutions

Critical Rental Compressors
Critical Rental Solutions provides a fleet of portable, electric-driven, centrifugal air compressors provide customers with unique, attractive solutions for emergency, planned and long-term air needs. These compressors have proven to afford significant fuel savings over small frame, diesel-driven units. They also eliminate EPA issues with truly oil-free air. The availability of single units with a wide range of capacity gives you a smaller on-site footprint. Units can be configured for different pressures and discharge temperatures.
Critical Rental has the largest Centrifugal Fleet – Critical Rental Solutions has the largest, most diverse fleet of centrifugal rental compressors in the world.

100% Oil-free Air – CRS compressors meet ISO 8573-1 Class Zero oil-free air. ISO 8573-1 standards define air quality levels and methods for determining contaminants in the air system. Class Zero is the industry standard in industries that require 100 percent pure air.

Out of The Box Solutions – With over 35 years’ experience, there’s no compressed air problem we can’t solve.

24/7 Remote Monitoring – CRS can provide remote monitoring that provides real time data on asset, system status, performance, and history anytime, anywhere through any web enabled device.

Support – With our Channel Partner Network we have resources throughout the US and Canada to assist with sizing, setup, installation and operating of equipment

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